3 Reasons Why Hearing Aids Today Are Now Widely Accepted

Hearing aid and middle-aged man

In the last few years, perfection has remained a constant desire for both the young and old more than ever before. Younger adults want to live an Instagram-perfect lifestyle with instant riches, older adults want to keep their youth by seeking various creams and cosmetic treatments, and senior citizens want to avoid hearing aids altogether (even though they need them).

Now, while it may seem like hearing aids carry a fairly terrible stigma that has much to do with “being old,” the truth is that they’re not as “uncool” as you might expect. 


The importance of hearing aids

Thanks to the overwhelming stigma that surrounds hearing aids and their overall association with the image of chunky and ugly plastic, most people try to avoid getting them when they actually need them most. In recent years, the entire “anti-hearing aid” movement has worsened to the point that an average person waits anywhere between five to ten years too late before investing in a hearing aid.

Zenith Diplomat BTE Hearing Aids from 1956
One of the first BTE hearing aids created: Zenith “Diplomat” hearing aid developed in 1956. Image retrieved from https://hearinghealthmatters.org/waynesworld/2017/first-bte-hearing-aids-part-2/

No matter how uncool it might seem to have a hearing aid, it’s much more uncool to suffer because of your own stubbornness. The fact of the matter is that hearing aids rarely come in the form of a chunk of plastic anymore! 

Aside from the fact that hearing aids are absolutely accepted nowadays, the main reason you should accept hearing aids outright is that they’re around to help you hear better and supplement your weakened or vulnerable ears. To better understand why you should get yourself the assistance you need, here are three reasons you should invest in hearing aids as soon as possible:

1. Hearing aids give your life more depth in terms of the stories you carry

With the self-acceptance wave making its way to body deformities, disabilities, and body positivity, it should come as no surprise that hearing aids are cooler than ever, especially because it helps you tell a story. 

If you want to tell people the true story of why you needed hearing aids in the first place, hearing aids provide you with an avenue to represent a tale. Instead of living an uncomfortable life hiding something you shouldn’t be ashamed of, wearing a hearing aid can help you feel more at peace with yourself!

2. Hearing aids can help connect on a deeper level with other people

One of the best parts of wearing your hearing aid loud and proud is that you essentially get to serve as a beacon of inspiration that beckons everyday people with cases of hearing loss to find solidarity and camaraderie in you. By connecting with other people who are just like you, you’ll be able to help them feel more comfortable and encourage them to accept their own imperfections, which is the secret to beating the stigma!

3. Hearing aids are more technologically-advanced today

As opposed to the regular picture of a chunky piece of plastic that people think about when the topic of hearing aids come to mind, assistive devices today are more technologically-advanced and sleeker. With a wide range of designs and various features available on the market, various hearing options today are as cool and advanced as your regular set of AirPods Pros, except that they’re even better because they fulfill a greater purpose!


No matter how much you try to trick your mind or get stuck in your old ways with trying to avoid hearing aids, the truth is that they’re much cooler now than ever. If this article has managed to help you turn over a new leaf and start accepting hearing aids more for what they truly are what they should be, do yourself a favour and score a nifty and dependable set of your own.

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