4 Signs Telling You That You’re Going Deaf – What to Know

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Do you have trouble hearing? There can be many reasons for this. For example, a buildup of earwax can be blocking sounds from entering your ear, or an ongoing infection might be getting in the way of your hearing ability. It could also be a sign that your eardrums have been damaged.

With that being said, how can you tell whether your hearing problem is temporary or that you might be going deaf? Here are the tell-tale signs of going deaf for you to look out for:

1. You keep struggling to hear anything

As we have said earlier, unresponsive ears can be caused by a variety of reasons. This can include excessive earwax buildup, loud explosions, infection, and many others. However, these problems are usually temporary and can be easily treated if need be.

However, if you continually struggle with your hearing, then there is a high chance that something is wrong with your ears and that you are going deaf.

2. You find yourself turning up the volume as high as it can go

Turning up the volume on your television to understand what you’re watching is usually normal. However, if you do this and still struggle to comprehend what is being said, there might be a serious problem. This becomes even more apparent if you find that your family members keep pointing out that what you are listening to is way too loud, but, to you, it doesn’t.

Close up of a woman turning up the volume using her tv remote

If you find yourself in such situations regularly, this is a sign that you are going deaf. Pay attention to what those around you are telling you about your television habits and whether you’re turning up the volume higher than normal.

3. You struggle to keep up with conversations

There are many reasons you struggle to keep up with conversations. Sometimes, the other person might be speaking too quickly. Other times, they might be speaking too softly. Sometimes, two people can be talking over each other as well.

If you find yourself asking the other person to speak louder or are having trouble keeping up with more than one person speaking, your ears might be in trouble. 

4. You cannot differentiate sounds in a noisy place

A person with healthy ears will be able to distinguish sounds quite easily, even in noisy environments. For instance, in a noisy restaurant, you should be able to understand someone talking to you. However, those who are deaf or are whose hearing is slowly deteriorating will struggle in this aspect.

Young friends drinking alcohol at a restaurant

In other words, if you are having trouble focusing on an individual’s voice or isolating a sound from all the background noise, you should have your ears checked.


If you find that you constantly struggle to hear sounds, or find yourself having to constantly ask others to speak louder, or are turning up the volume above normal ranges on your devices, you might be going deaf.

If any of the above signs are true, pay a visit to a professional audiologist. That way, they will be able to identify the cause of your hearing problem and determine for certain whether you are slowly losing your ability to hear.

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