4 Ways to Extend a Hearing Aid Lifespan – Our Guide

Fraser Valley Beltone cleaning hearing aids

Hearing aids are an investment for those with hearing loss or other forms of hearing impairment. The cost of continually repairing and replacing old and damaged ones can get pocket draining. Because of that, it is essential to take care of your hearing aid correctly to increase its service life. If you perform proper maintenance and care, it can last you for several years. Aside from longevity, you can also benefit from appropriate care by minimizing problems that could affect the quality and effectiveness of the device. 

Remember that although hearing aids are durable, it is not a valid excuse to skip taking care of them. Since it is also a machine, it can break down faster and quicker than its anticipated lifespan. With that said, here are four ways to take care of your hearing aid to increase its lifespan.

1) Shield them from dirt

Dirt and debris can accumulate in your hearing aid. If the accumulation is substantial, it can affect the quality and efficiency of its performance. You should refrain from touching your device if you have dirty or unclean hands. Otherwise, you risk blocking its small sockets, which could damage its system.

2) Avoid getting moisture on them

Like any other electrical device without water-resistant or water-proofing design, your hearing aid can get damaged at the slightest interaction with water. You should refrain from using hearing aids while swimming, showering, or other activities that involve water. 

Another thing to remember is to avoid leaving them for more extended periods inside your bathroom, where there is high humidity in the atmosphere. When certain conditions simultaneously appear, it could cause condensation to form inside your hearing aid that can damage it. 

Do not forget to remove the battery at night, so its compartment is open to allow the moisture trapped inside to dry naturally. In doing so, you help increase its lifespan by preventing its circuits from rusting.

3) Keep them away from children and pets

Children and pets do not have the understanding of how important your hearing aid is in your life. You risk getting them destroyed or broken if they play with it. To avoid that, keep them outside of their reach. 

Another thing to consider is the frequency emitted by your device, which can provoke a sense of fear or panic in dogs. Consult with your audiologist for a recommended model that is safe for your pooch’s ears.

4) Clean them correctly

Clean hearing aids are fully functional without a doubt. With that said, you must always keep them clean using a soft, dry fabric. Remember not to use any liquids to clean them too. Your hearing aid clinic can provide specialized care products you can use to remove any wax build-up and kill any bacteria.

Beltone cleaning set for hearing aids
Beltone’s PerfectDry LUX is designed for the maintenance and storage of all types of hearing aids.


The mentioned tips above are only some of the essential hearing aid care processes. You also need to store them properly in cool, dry places when not in use. You should also leave the repair to experts and do not attempt to open it up to fix them. Always keep them inside of cases when you’re travelling or when it is raining.

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