5 Facts About Hearing Aids You Should Know

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Did you know that hearing loss is a prevalent condition many Canadians are facing? In fact, it is one of the fastest-growing chronic conditions among Canadians, per the Hearing Foundation of Canada. The problem is that it affects people of all ages and from all walks of life, and the problem varies from minor to severe and temporary to permanent cases.

There are various reasons some people are faced with hearing issues. Topping the list of causes are age (presbycusis) and noises. The good thing is that hearing aids have been introduced in the market over the years as a way to help those with problems. Unfortunately, some are quite hesitant to seek treatment and wear these devices as effective solutions because of different unjustified stories from family members or friends.

In this article, we will share five facts about hearing aids that you need to know:

Fact # 1: You shouldn’t delay wearing hearing aids

As soon as you experience a hearing deterioration, it’s best to have yourself checked immediately. After receiving a diagnosis, your audiologist will recommend the appropriate treatments right away, and that may include wearing hearing aids. Never delay wearing these devices in your day-to-day activity, as not doing so can actually worsen the situation. In fact, sound deprivation can lead to irreversible loss of hearing. As you don’t want that to happen in your life, early intervention will always be the best medicine.

Fact # 2: Hearing loss isn’t a hopeless case

Some people tend to think that the loss of hearing is hopeless. If they have already accepted their fate, they might even give up wearing their hearing aids. Before you get totally discouraged, be sure to consult with your doctor as some cases can still be treated. With modern auditory technology, the possibility of recovering is high. This is why you should wear those hearing devices and see how your condition progresses.

Fact # 3: Hearing aids are easy and comfortable to wear

There’s a common misconception among many people that that wearing hearing aids can be very bothersome and uncomfortable. This assumption is true a long time ago when devices were bulky, clumsy, and painful. Today, technologies have significantly addressed these problems with modern aids that are now lightweight, discreet, and even comfortable to wear. In fact, they can be very stylish. With various designs and models available in the market, you can find one that suits your taste, style, and needs.

Fact # 4: Hearing aids aren’t only for the old ones

Patient receiving a hearing test at the Abbotsford Beltone Hearing Center location
People of all ages can suffer from hearing impairment.

Sure, statistics show that older people commonly suffer from hearing problems and even loss due to presbycusis. However, know that even kids and teens can get affected due to their lifestyle, such as exposure to noise-inducing gadgets. For this reason, hearing aids have been manufactured and designed for people of all ages. Fret not, as they can be very discreet and stylish, so young individuals won’t be hesitant to wear one.

Fact # 5: Wearing two hearing aids may be required

As human beings, we are created with two ears to hear properly. This means that when experiencing hearing problems, wearing two aids may be required. There’s nothing to worry as these devices enable a binaural (two-eared) hearing. When your audiologist recommends wearing two aids, you should comply for your own good.


There is nothing more inconvenient and disruptive in life than having hearing problems, especially if you suddenly lose this vital sense. Nevertheless, wearing hearing aids after having been diagnosed and recommended by an audiologist is an excellent way to help you cope with your current situation. Whether you are facing minor problems or total loss, these devices can make all the difference in your overall function and quality of your life.

Are you having a hearing problem or suddenly experiencing hearing loss? Get in touch with us today or visit our center. We have a hearing aid clinic in Abbotsford that is committed to delivering comfort and ease with every style of hearing aid!

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