Every customer’s hearing needs are different.

Different hearing aid styles

Every customer’s hearing needs are different.

Earlier we had talked about the Beltone Legend and really focused on the style that goes over the ear, or receiver of the ear style, but at Beltone, we really do a great job of customizing hearing solutions just for you.

Many times, people come in wearing something like this and it’s really not appropriate for your hearing loss. Beltone does a really good job of making a custom hearing aid.

What’s involved there is we actually take an impression of your ear, so that’s a bit of a process. It just takes a few minutes. You’re left with this replica of your ear. We then send that into Beltone, and we are able to make a custom hearing aid just for you.

Here, we have an example. These are kind of a medium size. They come in really tiny ones that fit deep inside your ear, medium ones, bigger ones, it depends on your hearing loss a little bit. You’re left with something that is nice and convenient, one piece. It just pops in your ear, fits nice and comfortably, and may folks really prefer these. Not always, but there’s lots of choice.

This has the same capability, in many cases, as this style that goes over the ear. Same technology inside. Made for iPhone compatibility, so you can adjust it. Some people don’t care about that, but still want to be able to adjust their hearing aids, so we also have remote control technology. It allows you to control the volume the same way that you would with your iPhone.

Really, the point is to help you hear better.

Many times, a custom product is actually far more appropriate for you, and Beltone has been a leader in that since 1940.

We have it all, and we are here to serve you.

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