What Are the Health Benefits of an Annual Hearing Test?

Young man receiving his annual hearing test at Beltone Hearing Center in Langley

In most cases, people are exposed to background noise that may cause hearing loss. This is why it’s best to be cautious about one’s sense of hearing. It is difficult, however, to identify hearing loss before it occurs. 

For this reason, it is essential to schedule an annual hearing exam to detect and diagnose early signs.

Why do you need to go to an annual hearing test? All people in all age groups who are exposed to noise need to go for a hearing test. 

However, studies have shown that different groups of individuals need to go for a hearing loss check-up more often due to prolonged noise exposure in their workplace. Occupational hearing loss is a leading confounding factor in hearing damage.

Here are some health benefits of an annual hearing test:

1. Monitoring Hearing Loss before It Becomes Permanent

The early identification of hearing loss can help prevent it from becoming permanent. If your hearing is starting to degrade, you may be able to prevent this from reaching a severe stage by taking immediate measures. 

Suppose the hearing loss is still in its early stages. In that case, you may reverse the damage by listening to simple preventive measures such as avoiding noisy environments or wearing hearing protection devices such as earplugs.

2. Identifying and Treating an Underlying Condition

The early recognition of a hearing loss allows you to catch and treat any underlying conditions, such as an ear infection. A hearing test can reveal whether you have tinnitus due to an underlying disease.

Although it is easy to identify an underlying condition later, treating it at its early stages can relieve you from all the discomfort associated with it. If treated, the condition may not progress to a severe stage in the future.

3. Assess the Level of Hearing Loss

A hearing test helps quantify the hearing loss level, allowing plan measures to reverse or treat it. Therefore, a hearing test can help design an appropriate hearing aid program or a therapy program that can improve the level of hearing loss.

While an annual hearing test can effectively prevent and treat hearing loss early on, it is not a substitute for preventing hearing damage. It is still essential to take preventive measures to protect your hearing and to cut the chances of suffering from hearing loss.

4. Establish the Cause of the Hearing Loss

A hearing test can help establish the cause of the hearing loss. In most cases, hearing loss is due to underlying conditions such as an ear infection or a disease. This knowledge can help treat the underlying cause and reverse the damage. Moreover, discovering the root cause of hearing loss can even prevent it.

While you can manage the noise at work, you cannot avoid noise when you go out. For example, some people live near a busy road and have to deal with the loud noise. In such cases, it is advisable to wear earplugs to block out the noise.


The prevention of noise exposure can help prevent hearing loss. However, if your hearing is already suffering from a noise-induced loss, it is essential to take preventive measures, such as wearing earplugs every time you step out.

Furthermore, a proper hearing test can help assess the level of hearing loss and determine the cause of the hearing loss. Therefore, scheduling an annual hearing test is a crucial precautionary measure to help eliminate all the risks related to hearing loss.

If you are seeking a hearing test, we can assist you. At Fraser Valley Beltone, we will do a thorough hearing test in Langley, BC, to determine the nature of the problem and the appropriate therapy. Your hearing will be better than ever before with our assistance and expertise.

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