What Causes Muffled Hearing and How to Prevent Them?

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They say that you will never miss something until it is gone. We might not appreciate the importance of any of our senses until it deadens. It is the reason why we need to take care of our bodies.

With that said, have you ever experienced muffled hearing? It may seem as if the sound source was behind a curtain. If you have encountered this, you might have the urge to yawn because sometimes doing so would unclog your ear.

Does this mean that you will need a hearing aid? Not necessarily, but you need to have your ears checked. While you wait for your turn in the clinic, you might as well read this article. It will help you understand your condition better.

Middle Ear Infection

If you are fortunate enough not to experience muffled hearing, you might want to know what causes it. This knowledge will help you prevent such a thing from happening to you or your loved ones. One of the most common causes is a middle ear infection. The scientific term for this is Otitis Media.

One of the typical symptoms of middle ear infection is sensitivity to touch. It might not necessarily be a middle ear infection. But if muffled hearing, nausea, and vomiting accompany this symptom, you must go to the nearest hearing clinic.

Middle ear infection affects both adults and children, but it is more common for the latter. It can last for a few days (even without the medication). But if the case is severe, it might last for a few weeks.

Sinus Infection or Colds

Sometimes, a sinus infection and cold can cause muffled hearing. Both are a common occurrence, but the difference between the two is the duration of the ailment. The latter may last for a few days, while the former can last for weeks.

A small tube connects our nose to our ear. When we have a cold or a sinus infection, our nose gets clogged. Although it doesn’t require immediate medical attention, you may seek professional help when the cold persists for weeks.

Ear Blockage

You might also experience muffled hearing if something is blocking your ear. It may simply be water, or sometimes, it can be an insect. This scenario is common in children because they unwittingly stick something inside their ears. Thankfully, this can be treated at home, but if the child starts experiencing a loss of balance, it would be best to go to the nearest hearing clinic.


Just like machines, our bodies would slow down with age. In the case of our ears, we would slowly lose our sense of hearing. It might probably start as muffled hearing and eventually complete loss of hearing.

Presbycusis is an inner ear disorder. Its symptoms would include the inability to hear high-pitched speech or the muffling of soft sounds. In this case, a medical professional might recommend a hearing aid.


The best way to show how much we appreciate our sense of hearing is to take good care of our ears. Without them, your world would be a completely different place. It would also be difficult to do even ordinary tasks.

If you have noticed something bugging your ear, you should immediately visit a hearing clinic in Abbotsford. At Fraser Valley Beltone, we offer free hearing tests. Call us now for an appointment!

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