How to change your Beltone hearing device filter

Scott Hyde demonstrating how a hearing device filter

Scott Hyde here from Beltone. We had this idea that we want to do, compile some video to help troubleshoot hearing aids with some common problems that come up. Usually it happens in an evening or a holiday and you can’t get in to see us so this will give you some pointers maybe to help yourself get through that.

One day you might put your hearing aid on and it just sounds like it’s not working. 90% of the time it’s perfectly fine, it’s just plugged with wax. Most hearing aids have some kind of wax filter in place and that just prevents the wax from getting into the working parts of the hearing aid.

I’m just going to show you one type right now. This is a very common type of wax guard, it’s called a Cerustop Wax Guard. This is a receiver in the ear hearing aid which is also a very common, popular choice. This is the part where the sound comes out and this rubber thing is a dome. Underneath that dome is a little filter. If we pop the dome off, underneath is a little filter and it’s just a little screen and it traps wax before it gets into the hearing aid. Eventually, it just needs to be changed.

It’s very simple. There are some extra wax guards, you should have some in your kit. Simply open up the case like so. Inside are some fresh filters, it’s a little stick. On one end is the fresh filter. On the other end is the removal tool. You simply push it into the center, no threading required, and it just pulls back out again. That removes it. Then you simply turn it around and press it in place like so. Then you should find that your hearing aid has life once again. Then of course, don’t forget to put the dome back on.

If the hearing aid still doesn’t work at that point, I do recommend you phone your local hearing clinic and get that sorted out. 90% of the time that’s going to solve the problem for you.

I hope that you found this helpful. Enjoy the rest of your day, we’ll talk again soon.

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