We donated a hearing aid to a client who lost his in a fire.

Hearing Aid Donation

A senior who was seriously injured in a Langley care home fire received a special gift from Fraser Valley Beltone this week. Art Pailey lost one of his hearing aids in the April fire at the Lions Seniors Complex. The April 12 blaze started inside a third floor suite. Art had taken out his hearing aides and didn’t hear the alarms. He says he woke up choking, and is lucky to be alive.

The lost hearing aid was replaced for free. Check out the video we shot on that special day:

This story was also featured on CTV!

“Art has been a patient of ours since January 2012…As soon as we heard this story, we decided we had to help him. And we did.” –Scott Hyde

“You have no idea how thankful I am!” –Art Pailey

Hearing Aid Donation 2

More media coverage:

The Langley Times 

The Langley Advance

On CKNW News Talk 980, Lynda Steele of Steele & Drex gave Fraser Valley Beltone the Steele of Approval! Click here to listen.

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