Getting Your Hearing Evaluated For The New Year

Patient receiving a free hearing test at the Langley Beltone location

Many probably wouldn’t think of getting a check-up to start the year—but there’s no better way to start than by assuring your overall health is in good order! By taking stock of your well-being, you can adjust your lifestyle as early as now for a better future. Unfortunately, while the average person would want to get the major aspects of health looked into, some smaller aspects tend to get glossed over.

Having an annual heart and lung checkup is a good start to the annual health routine; however, you should also consider getting your hearing checked as well! To cement this point even further, here’s everything you need to know about getting annual hearing tests:


Is It Even Necessary To Have A Hearing Evaluation?

The reason why people often overlook their hearing is that it’s often taken for granted! However, just because it is there does not mean that you do not have to take further care of it.

Hearing tests are a necessary part of the process to ensure your entire wellbeing. A quick visit to a nearby hearing clinic will already let you know of any possible issues that might lead to long-term hearing loss.


Finding Out An Issue Could Help Prevent Further Damage

Aside from making sure that your ears and hearing are working properly, a hearing evaluation will also signal your physician of any underlying conditions you are having or any that you could potentially have.

If you can have an annual routine, then your physician should be able to keep track of how your hearing is going. Any changes, no matter how minor, could potentially be caused by life-threatening diseases and conditions. This is more than just for monitoring—knowing any underlying issues is always the first step to getting proper treatment.


Getting Your Ears Treated

There are various conditions and causes for hearing loss; however, the most common conditions could be caused by having high blood pressure. Luckily, if you had hearing loss that was caused by this, it just might be fixed by getting your blood pressure treated!

There are also instances of hearing loss that is caused by more minor conditions. An example of that would be when you have a large amount of earwax building up in your ear canal! Such a condition would be treated as soon as your physician finds it out—which is exactly why it is important to have an evaluation.

Despite having a variety of treatments available, there are also hearing loss conditions that are caused simply by old age. These conditions rarely have a treatment for them; however, it is still possible for the elderly to regain their hearing. Hearing aid clinics can help restore a part of your senses, especially if the loss has been caught at an early stage.


The Bottom Line

Getting your entire well-being checked at the start of each year is essential—even with something as small as your capacity for hearing. Even if finding out that you have a hearing problem can bum you out, try to remain positive! Being able to counteract hearing loss at an early stage always results in better treatment solutions, meaning that it’s always a good idea to stay proactive with your health.

Are you looking for an audiologist in Langley, BC that can evaluate your hearing capacity? Fraser Valley Beltone is a hearing clinic with offices in Langley and Abbotsford. We approach hearing care in a way that no other can match, connecting with you as a person to provide holistic support. Schedule an appointment today!

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