Are Hearing Aids Covered by the BC Government?

Are Hearing Aids Covered in BC?

“Are hearing aids covered in BC?”

There is some limited coverage/funding available from the BC government. People on income assistance are entitled to assistance from the province. Also, it is possible to apply for coverage if you require hearing aids for your work and are in danger of losing your job as a result of your hearing loss. This is done through an organization called the Neil Squire Society. At Fraser Valley Beltone, we are aware that many folks have limited income so this is kept in mind when providing solutions to your hearing problems. We are used to working with almost all budgets, and we will always ensure that you are aware of any assistance you may be entitled to.

There is potentially other assistance available to you. A common cause of hearing loss is occupational noise exposure. A hearing test may help determine if this is a potential cause of your hearing problem. Fraser Valley Beltone is part of the WorksafeBC Hearing Aid Provider Network. If you feel that noise exposure at work has contributed to your hearing loss, we have the application forms for hearing loss coverage available. If WorksafeBC determines that your hearing loss was reasonably caused by occupational noise, your hearing aids are approved for the rest of your life. Every five years you are eligible for replacement of your hearing aids, so you will always get to take advantage of the latest technology.

Another potential benefit is through the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA). If you or a loved one has served at some point in the Canadian Armed Forces, (THANK YOU!), you may be entitled to certain benefits. Call us today to find out more.

Finally, many people have extended health benefits such as through Blue Cross. Check your plan for coverage as every little bit can help. Anything that you pay on your own is also deductible on your tax return as a medical expense. Furthermore, any price quoted to you is the final price with no tax.  We are truly here to help you hear better any way we can. Call our hearing clinic in Chilliwack  to find the right hearing solution for you today. We know we can help!

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