Important Reasons You Should Avoid Pretending to Hear

Pretending to listen to conversation in bar

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re talking to someone, and you didn’t quite catch what they’re saying, but you pretended to understand them and just nodded along? It often happens when you’re in a loud venue or the person you’re talking to has a soft voice.

Sometimes, when you don’t know it, you’re slowly developing hearing loss for not following what the other person is saying. Instead of asking them to repeat themselves, you keep pretending because you don’t want to bother them or be honest about your situation.

Despite the availability of hearing clinics worldwide, people are still anxious about visiting an ear doctor because they may not be prepared to accept that they’re losing their hearing. However, it’s crucial to get checked as early as possible to prevent your hearing loss from worsening. Keep reading below to find out why you should never pretend to hear to get out of an awkward situation.


You Don’t Misinterpret Information

Every time someone talks to you and you act like you got what they said when you didn’t, you miss out on gaining information because you don’t want them to repeat themselves. In truth, it’s okay to ask people to say things one more time, especially if it involves valuable details.

Although it could seem like a hassle to ask people to repeat what they just said, it’s necessary if you want to remain on the same page and you want to hang on to every word they say. It becomes even more crucial to understand people when you’re at work or in school.

Sometimes, it may not be enough to pay attention when it’s your hearing loss that’s keeping you from recognizing words clearly. But if you pretend you hear others no matter what social setting you’re in, you could become left out once you realize you can’t keep up with the conversation anymore.


You Achieve Stronger Relationships

While you can get away in some situations if you nod along to a conversation you don’t quite get, it only works for small talks in the least. If you’re in the middle of a serious topic, the person talking to you will wait for your contribution to the conversation, which puts you in a tough spot.

Knowing what people are talking about and responding to them is the beginning of friendships and genuine connections. If you wish to build deeper relationships with others, you must guarantee you get where they’re coming from to keep the flow of the conversation.

If your hearing loss starts to worsen, besides seeing an audiologist, you should also let the people you’re talking to know about your unfortunate situation. It helps them adjust to you accordingly instead of immediately assuming you’re not interested in what they have to say.


Your Honesty Improves Your Health

It’s always a good idea to be honest with your hearing loss because the last thing you expect your friends and family to do is stop talking to you or stay away from you after finding out. Instead, they will continue to be there for you and encourage you to visit a hearing aid clinic before it’s too late.

Once you secure an appointment with an ear doctor, you can continue relying on others for support during trying times. The next time you converse with others, and you let them know right away that you’re having a hard time hearing, they will adjust to your case and either stand closer to you or make their voice louder to ensure you understand them clearly.



It’s always difficult to lose your hearing. However, if you’re in the early stages of hearing loss, there’s still a huge chance you can fix your situation when you seek a doctor’s help promptly. An audiologist will cater to your needs and provide a solution to reduce your hearing problem, may it be in temporary or permanent ways. Depending on your situation, they can suggest hearing aids or other ear treatments to help improve your hearing.

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