Common Indications That You Should Get a Hearing Test

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Have you had a hearing test recently? How often you should get a hearing test may vary depending on the type of hearing test you are getting, your occupation, environment, age, and other factors.

However, you may find yourself experiencing signs of hearing loss, such as difficulty in hearing conversations or experiencing pain or ringing in the ears. In these cases, you should get a hearing test sooner rather than later.

What Ear Exam Should You Get?

You should regularly get hearing tests even if your hearing is fine. For these cases, you should get baseline testing. Adults should get baseline hearing tests at least once after turning 21. This can be included during your physical exam.

A baseline test shows your hearing health at a point and can help your audiologist better understand your hearing problem and the treatment you need when you are older.

This is recommended every ten years until you turn 50 and every three years once you are past 50.

If you are experiencing hearing loss symptoms, it is best to get a hearing screening. This results in either a pass or fail. A failed result indicates that you need to see a specialist who will give you a more detailed evaluation.

You usually get a screening at birth and as a child to detect any indications of hearing loss at a young age. If you are concerned about your hearing as an adult, you can get one at a doctor’s office.

Indications You Should Get a Hearing Test

Hearing problems can be treated in many cases, and your hearing can be restored. It is best to detect these problems early on to get them treated. Here are some indications that you should get a hearing test at a hearing clinic:

1 – Needing a Higher Volume for Your TV or Radio 

Do you find yourself turning up the volume of your sound devices? This may just be wax build-up, but it could also be a more severe hearing problem. Nonetheless, it is crucial to seek help. 

2 – Difficulty in Understanding Conversations 

It is normal to need someone to repeat themselves occasionally, but if you find yourself needing conversations repeated daily, you may be experiencing hearing loss. You may find it challenging to differentiate constants or to hear conversations when there is background noise. 

3 – Needing to Reposition to Hear 

Do you find yourself turning your body or your neck to hear things? This is a telltale sign of hearing loss. You may also find yourself cupping your ear to drown out background noise to hear better. Over time your hearing may deteriorate even more, and these methods may no longer be practical to let you hear. 

4 – Not Hearing Calls, Doorbells, or Alarms 

You may find yourself missing calls, home visitors, or car alarms as your hearing starts to fail for specific pitches and tones. You may no longer hear high-pitched bird songs and other natural elements as you take a walk.


It is crucial to get a regular hearing test to help determine how your hearing is doing. However, these hearing tests become even more critical if you are experiencing signs of hearing loss.

Getting your hearing problems diagnosed early can help you treat these problems.

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