If You Experience These 5 Signs, It Is Time to Do a Hearing Test

Time to do a hearing test. Hearing professional using hearing testing equipment

Did something feel wrong the last time you were around people? Did you have trouble understanding people? Maybe it was the room’s acoustics, or is there something wrong with your hearing? It may be the time to do a hearing test.

If you think that something is wrong with your hearing for whatever reason, never try to self-diagnose. The ear and sense of hearing are pretty sensitive, so they are better left to the hands of the professionals. Moreover, it would be best to determine the real problem early from a reliable source rather than endlessly wondering what could be wrong.

Potential hearing loss can be confusing sometimes, but if you find yourself in the following scenarios, it is time to schedule an appointment with your hearing clinic.


5 Signs It Is Time to Do a Hearing Test at Your Local Hearing Clinic

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Almost all devices you use are on top volume.

Have you checked your gadgets and appliances at home? Are they all maximum volume just so you can fully understand the sounds? If yes, that could be a good sign for you to get a hearing checkup. Sometimes it is a preference, but other times it could be a need. Only a hearing professional could determine the truth.


You always ask people to repeat what they just said.

If you catch yourself almost always asking people to repeat themselves, maybe something is wrong with your hearing. Take note of that, especially if you have your full attention on them. Sometimes, asking people to repeat their message so you can hear clearly is also another sign, most especially when you speak the same language.


You fail to distinguish between two or more sounds.

People with perfect hearing would easily distinguish different sounds from each other. However, this could be challenging for those experiencing hearing degradation. For example, sounds like p- and t– may be easy for you to recognize but could be harder for people with hearing problems. That could also be one reason they would ask people to repeat what they just said.


You start to hate phone calls.

Listening to messages through phone calls seems more complex now than it used to before. Sometimes, you might prefer reading and exchanging messages via SMS or chat instead of a voice call. There are also times you might turn on the loudspeakers, just so you can hear clearly.


You hear a ringing in your ears.

At random times in the day, you might suddenly hear a ringing and other noises in one or both of your ears. That could be an early warning signal that you are experiencing problems with your hearing. In medical terms, it is called tinnitus, and only a hearing test could determine the reason behind it.



If you catch yourself nodding your head to these signs, then do not wait any longer. Doing that could only delay the solution and worsen your situation. An audiometry test can detect what kind of hearing problem you have and how you should deal with it moving forward. It is nothing to be scared or ashamed about.

If you need to have a hearing test in Abbotsford, you can come to us at Fraser Valley Beltone. We are the top hearing aid clinic and provider of hearing tests and aids in Langley and Abbotsford. Our goal is to help bring your hearing in the most natural and pleasurable way possible. Let us help you determine how your hearing is at the moment. Contact us or book an appointment online.


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