Tips to Keep Your Hearing Safe When Using Earphones


Nothing is better than hearing the music you are listening to loud and clear. When the dialogues in the movie or series you have binge-watching are at top quality, the experience also levels up. Those kinds of experiences are truly addicting. Thanks to your headphones, you can fully immerse yourself in what you watch or listen to.

If you are the type of person to listen to any audio at a loud volume despite already wearing earphones or headphones, you have to be careful not to damage your hearing. Keep in mind that when your hearing becomes damaged, it would be impossible to bring it back the same way again. Hearing aids could help improve a damaged hearing situation, but it would be better to preserve your precious senses instead.

Here are some reminders to follow if you want to keep using earphones without damaging your hearing:

1. Keep Your Volume Down

The most straightforward yet most challenging tip to follow is turning down the volume of your music or movie. This step could be difficult, especially for those who have already got used to the high-volume experience. However, if you want to take care of your hearing, you’ll need to adjust. Try to lower your volume one level at a time until you get used to the new ear-friendly volume.

Make sure also to use quality earphones that do not have separate audio control. That way, when you tone down your phone or TV, your headphones will automatically turn down as well. Those who have independent control over their earphones almost always forget to follow this tip.

2. Choose Headphones Over Earbuds

While headphones and earbuds have the same purpose, the kind of damage they can do to your ear is not always the same. The distance of both devices from your ear is what makes the big difference.

Since headphones sit over your ear versus earbuds that are in your ear opening, the headphones are a much safer option between the two. However, of course, it will still depend on the audio volume you are listening to.

3. Buy Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Determine the reason you put your audio level high. Is it really for the full experience, or do you simply not want to hear your surroundings?

If you are the latter and there are noises you do not wish to hear while you work or study, an alternative you can do is purchase a noise-cancelling headset. This device ensures that you can have a peaceful day focusing on what you are doing while also helping you get used to a lowered-music-in-headphones experience.

4. Have Listening Breaks

Is wearing headphones part of your job? If so, make sure that you take listening breaks from time to time. That would greatly help prevent you from the high risk of damaging your ears. Consider having a five-minute break every 30 minutes.

Many people also follow the 60/60 rule. It means your maximum device volume should not exceed 60 percent, and you should only wear your headphones one hour max. At least a ten-minute break is necessary before you start with another hour of listening.


Conscious decisions are what will help save your ear from earphones or headphones damage. If you are a loud headphones user, make sure to apply the changes in your lifestyle as soon as possible. Indeed, listening to almost a surround sound-like experience is the most satisfying thing when watching a movie or listening to audio. Still, you would not want the consequences that your ears would get after.

Make sure that you also visit a hearing clinic regularly or when you notice something wrong with your hearing. Fraser Valley Beltone is an Abbotsford hearing clinic that provides quality hearing tests to those in need.

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