Our Guide to Modern and Better Hearing Aids Technology

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For people with hearing problems, it becomes more challenging to focus on a sound that you want to hear. This situation is especially difficult because of the raging noise pollution that surrounds a person with hearing difficulties. Fortunately, a simple device will help you overcome this challenge—a hearing aid.

Some hearing aids can filter background noise. This is especially helpful to those who have hearing loss on both ears. The hearing aids will help you distinguish where the sound is coming from and will filter out the distractions.

Modern Versions Offer Better Control

The modern versions of hearing devices now allow you to adjust settings and filters, such as noise reduction through your mobile device. This technology is called DSP or digital signal processing that is specifically designed to allow you to identify the background noise and decrease its volume.

There are also built-in standard directional microphones. This is particularly helpful if you are attending a class or a concert. The microphones can be adjusted to focus on the sounds coming from a specific direction, such as in front of you.

Hearing Aid Volume Works Like No Other

The hearing aid volume works differently from the volume adjustments you are used to, such as TV, radio, cell phone ringing volume, etc. Those volumes raise and decrease all sounds to an equal level. Hearing aids volumes, on the other hand, do not work like that. It will raise and lower both soft and high-frequency sounds. These sounds are harder to process by your natural hearing system.

However, many speeches have low-frequency sounds that make it harder for conversations to be heard if the volume is increased. This is the reason that makes sound subjective. It is always associated with your perception of reality. That means you need to make an appointment to talk to your audiologist today.

Hearing Aids with Telecoils and Hearing Loops

You can now use your telecoil or t-coil setting in places where loops are available. Turn it on so you can hear sounds broadcast. This is specifically helpful if you’re in an airport, subway stations, or inside a theatre. This setting makes the announcements more understandable.

Hearing Aids Allow You to Choose Quiet Spots

Everything is now connected to the internet. This includes the modern versions of hearing aids too. It allows its wearer to choose a quiet place to study or dine or enjoy a cup of coffee with a friend. The app does that by taking decibel measurements on bars, restaurants, and cafeterias. Results vary based on peak hours, and the app can distinguish all of that to give the wearer the proper information. Loud places are hazardous for people with hearing loss.


Despite the advancements of hearing aid technology that make it easier for people with hearing loss to live a healthy life, the choices are still limited. The app makes excellent suggestions for safe places to be for people with hearing loss. However, these places will be conducive if they can be accommodating to people with hearing problems.

Noise pollution, like any other pollution, is harmful, even to those without hearing problems. Unfortunately, it is widespread. If you have hearing problems or know someone who does, how can you tune the noise pollution off?

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