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The Beltone Legend

beltone-legendBeltone Legend hearing aids are so adaptable to sound that you might also be forgiven that they’re more alive than your own ears. These revolutionary hearing aids are designed to adapt to your unique situation and individual needs better than any other hearing aid available…. read more

Scott Hyde – our Beltone professional

Scott HydeWhen you come to Beltone in either Langley or Abbotsford, you will have access to some of the most advanced products in the hearing care industry. Scott Hyde – our Beltone professional will help you select from a wide range of styles, colours, circuitry and costs. If your lifestyle dictates that you need the latest technology, like blue-tooth, iPod and mobile compatibility, we’ve got you covered. If you simply need basic amplification to enjoy interaction with the people in your life, we can handle that as well.


Assisted Listening Devices

We also provide assisted listening devices such as amplified phones, TV listening systems and FM systems.


Noise/Ear Protection

Custom ear defenders, high fidelity musicians’ plugs and Doc’s Pro Plugs are available here.

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The aftercare program that sets us apart

Once you purchase Beltone hearing aids, we service them for as long as you own them. With over 1500 offices to serve you, you can walk into any participating Beltone and be welcomed with open arms. BelCare covers you and your hearing in twelve special ways.

Click here to learn how BelCare makes hearing solutions from Beltone an even better investment.

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