The Legend: Feature-Packed Smart Hearing Aids

beltone-legendIf you’ve never been fitted for a hearing aid before, you’d be forgiven for associating these names with something you might find in a professional recording studio. Sound Shifter, Feedback Eraser and AFX Music Mode and Spatial Directionality.  They’re indeed high tech audio features– and they’re found in Beltone Legend Hearing aids. And these hearing aids have some with some amazing features you’ll definitely want to hear about.

Really Smart Hearing Aids

Beltone Legend hearing aids are so adaptable to sound that you might also be forgiven that they’re more alive than your own ears. These revolutionary hearing aids are designed to adapt to your unique situation and individual needs better than any other hearing aid available. Their main function is, of course, superb sound quality and speech understanding.  That’s indeed what hearing aids should do. There are some fancy names for the functions we’re about to mention, but what’s most important is the benefits they bring to wearers– like adaptability and intelligence. Intelligence? Yes, a smart hearing aid.

How smart? Well, for one, its a smart communicator with your wireless devices. The Legend’s Made for iPhone® integration lets you stream sounds wirelessly to your hearing aids from your iPhone, iPad® or iPod touch®. The HearPlus™ app allows you to control your hearing aids directly from your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch or Samsung Galaxy®* smartphone.

The Legend’s overall smart design and functionality has earned it a nomination for the 2016 Edison Awards™.. These awards are an annual competition designed to honour excellence in new product and service development, marketing, human-centered design and innovation. Beltone is proud of this acheivement in hearing aid technology– and the Beltone hearing professionals at Fraser Valley Beltone are delighted to introduce you and your ears to these amazing hearing aids, loaded with features.

One of the challenges of hearing aid-wearers is focusing on conversation amidst other noises around them. The Legend “knows” what’s going on around you. Its CrossLink Directionality enhances sound quality by monitoring the sound environment. It automatically switches to the most natural speech focus settings. When this features is combined with Personal Sound ID, you’ll enjoy sound the way nature intended. It lets you instinctively choose what sounds you want to focus on. Other hearing aids can only try to artificially make those choices for you. Beltone’s Legend doesn’t just pretend to be smart. It really is.

Adapts to every lifestyle

Imagine how a typical hearing aid might adapt to a windy boat ride. If you’ve ever actually experienced a windy boat ride with a hearing-aid firsthand, you’ll know the answer is: not very well. Now imagine the benefits of aids that adapt to all kinds of environments, situations and needs – from a quiet chat in the corner to a noisy concert crowd. The Beltone hearing professionals at Fraser Valley Beltone are delighted to introduce you to the many Legend series hearing aid features.

Loaded with features

Smart Gain Pro™ is another feature of the Legend that allows your hearing aid to adapt to your audio environment– adjusting volume automatically to sounds around you. So, with loud sounds, little volume is needed. With softer sounds, volume should be higher. Sound Cleaner Pro™ works in tandem with Smart Gain Pro to minimize background noise, so you can move into noisy environments and still hear the whole conversation. But for the Legend, even these complimentary adaptation features aren’t enough.

Yes, there’s still more smart features. Feedback Eraser™ with WhistleStop™ senses feedback and cancels it out with no sound quality loss. It also eliminates unwanted noises and whistling when you use the phone, or hug your relatives. They’ll appreciate this feature almost as much as you do!

Do you find yourself needing a hearing aid for each ear?  Wearing two hearing aids doesn’t need to be twice the work. Ear to Ear Synchronization automatically applies program and volume changes from one hearing aid to the other, so you never have to change settings on both instruments.

There’s a long list of features so feel free to have a closer look. Then see us at;

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Again, we look forward introduce you and your ears to these amazing hearing aids, loaded with smart and delightful features.