Find Your Perfect Hearing Aid in Chilliwack

Our team of hearing instrument practitioners are excited to connect you with the perfect hearing aids for your lifestyle and comfort.

At Fraser Valley Beltone, we’re locals! Our Chilliwack location is just off Vedder Road & Chilliwack Lake Road, our hearing instrument practitioners are excited to connect with the community. We’re less than a five-minute drive from the Sardis Sports Complex and a one-minute walk from Vedder park.

We help you regain your hearing using our knowledge of cutting-edge hearing aid technology to connect you with the perfect hearing aid based on your individual lifestyle and hearing needs. 

Our range of hearing aids in Chilliwack combines the latest in audiological advancements with user-friendly features, ensuring you receive unparalleled sound quality, comfort, and ease of use.

Our Five-Step Consultation Process

We begin with a detailed hearing assessment by our expert audiologists to understand your current hearing levels. 

We’ll show you detailed images and explain the features of our diverse catalogue of hearing aids.

Based on your lifestyle, particular hearing requirements, and budget, we recommend the best hearing aid option for you.

We adjust your hearing aids to fit comfortably and meet your hearing requirements, ensuring you don’t even notice they are there!

Our commitment extends beyond your initial consultation, we’re here to help with your regular follow-up visits and aftercare to ensure your hearing aids continue to perform optimally.

About Our Chilliwack Digital Hearing Aid Services

Our goal is to make your listening experience second to none which is why during the fitting process, we review the many features your Beltone hearing aids offer, so you can make the most of them. Adjusting to your new hearing aids can happen the moment you put them on, or take a few days. The initial adjustment may seem overwhelming at first, given all the sounds your ears are re-exposed to. 

Our goal is to help you experience the sounds of Chilliwack again—whether it’s the chirping of birds, the laughter of children, the sound of the Vedder River, or the gentle rain on your roof. For first-time hearing aid users, it usually takes a couple of weeks to fully appreciate these everyday sounds without being distracted by background noise.

Continued Support: We recommend a follow-up visit within two to four weeks after your initial fitting, where we can fine-tune your devices if necessary, ensuring you receive the optimal hearing experience in Chilliwack.

Meet the Team


Owen is a member of our team that began working with us about a year and a half ago. He has lived in Chilliwack his whole life and studied at Douglas College in Coquitlam to become a Hearing Instrument Practitioner. Owen is primarily working out of our new office in Chilliwack, where he looks forward to meeting and assisting everyone that decides to walk in our doors. Come check out the new office and say hello!

Doug from Fraser Valley Beltone

Doug joined Fraser Valley Beltone in July 2016 as a student practitioner and has been a Registered Hearing Instrument Practitioner since March of 2017. His prior career has been varied… farmer, youth corrections counsellor, Human Resource Manager, college instructor, Quality Assurance/Food Safety consultant … all of which provide valuable insights that help him be an effective professional in his current role. Doug has always had a passion for helping others succeed.

Strategically Located in Chilliwack for Your Convenience

Fraser Valley Beltone Chilliwack is located just off Vedder Road and Chilliwack Lake Road. We’re easily accessible no matter where you live, whether that’s in neighbouring Greendale, or Yarrow. We are less than five minutes away from the Sardis Sports Complex and a one-minute walk from Vedder Park.

Beltone Chilliwack

#102 5535 Vedder Road
Chilliwack, BC V2R 6H8

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