Comprehensive Hearing Tests in Abbotsford

Our team of hearing instrument practitioners are qualified to provide hearing tests that will give you a full understanding of your hearing health.

Our mission is to improve the lives of those in our community and across the Fraser Valley with our Hearing Aid Clinic in Abbotsford. Hearing is crucial! It helps you be present in the moment and connect with loved ones and the world. With a focus on customer service and quality, we aim to enhance your quality of life through natural and effortless hearing.

Fraser Valley Beltone offers thorough and precise hearing tests conducted by our certified audiologists right here at our clinic in Abbotsford. Understanding your hearing health is the first step towards improving your quality of life, and we’re here to guide you with expertise, empathy, and care.

Our Quick 4-Step Process


We Get to Know You

At Beltone Fraser Valley, Abbotsford, understanding your hearing needs involves much more than just a basic hearing test. Our Registered Hearing Instrument Practitioners conduct a thorough, yet simple evaluation that assesses your physical hearing, lifestyle, health, and hearing history, ensuring a complete diagnosis.


Lifestyle Assessment

Everybody in Abbotsford lives a unique lifestyle, and there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to hearing care. Beyond measuring your hearing loss, we consider how you live your life. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast who frequents the rivers surrounding Abbotsford, enjoys watching the Grandkids play hockey at the Rec Centre, or regularly visits Abbotsford’s bustling local restaurants and breweries, we want to hear about your lifestyle. These details help us customize a hearing solution that lets you fully enjoy these activities without distraction. Even the simple pleasure of watching TV can be hindered by hearing loss, but we’re here to restore the joy of your favourite activities.


Your Health and Hearing Health History

Your overall health significantly impacts your hearing. Conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, and kidney disease can all contribute to hearing loss, as can certain medications. During your assessment at our Abbotsford clinic, we’ll discuss your health and any medications you’re taking to understand all factors affecting your hearing. Key questions we explore include exposure to loud noises, family history of hearing loss, symptoms like tinnitus or vertigo, and specific challenges you face in hearing men, women, or children in various environments.


The Hearing Test

After assessing your lifestyle and health history, we’ll administer a “test”– which is actually several tests that measure how well you hear a variety of sounds, such as tones and speech. A baseline hearing screening is recommended at age 50 unless you’re experiencing symptoms of hearing loss sooner. Tests will measure your ability to hear a range of sounds, from tones to speech. This includes:

  • Visual examination of your ears using an otoscope
  • Air and bone conduction tests to assess different types of hearing loss
  • Speech understanding tests to evaluate how well you hear and interpret speech

After your evaluation, we’ll show you your results on an audiogram– a visual representation of the sounds you’re hearing and the sounds you’re missing. Your Abbotsford Beltone hearing care professional will review your lifestyle and hearing goals with you and provide you with an in-office hearing aid demonstration of the hearing aids right for you, should you need a hearing aid. Your hearing aid will be custom-fit and programmed for you. We’ll also provide follow-up care to ensure you enjoy the very best possible experience with your hearing aid.

Meet the Team

Doug from Fraser Valley Beltone

Doug joined Fraser Valley Beltone in July 2016 as a student practitioner and has been a Registered Hearing Instrument Practitioner since March of 2017. His prior career has been varied… farmer, youth corrections counsellor, Human Resource Manager, college instructor, Quality Assurance/Food Safety consultant … all of which provide valuable insights that help him be an effective professional in his current role. Doug has always had a passion for helping others succeed.

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