Early Signs of Hearing Loss and What You Should Do about It

hearing loss

The early signs of hearing loss may be subtle and difficult to detect, but it is not impossible. You may start experiencing subtle hints that indicate you need to get a hearing test.

Getting your hearing loss detected and treated early can raise your chances of regaining your hearing.

If hearing loss runs in your family, you must take immediate action because you are more likely to become deaf. If your parents or grandparents are suffering from hearing loss, getting regular screening tests done would be ideal.

This article will list down some of the subtle signs you may experience when you are starting to lose your hearing.

It Seems Like Everyone Is Not Pronouncing Words Properly

As you start to lose your hearing, you will notice that everyone seems to be mispronouncing words. It may sound like everyone is mumbling or jumbling their consonants. This may be apparent, especially if the person you talk to has a higher-pitched voice, like a woman or a child.

You’re Getting Lost in Conversations

As you lose your hearing, you will find it challenging to keep up with conversations. It may seem like everyone is talking all at the same time.

You may find yourself asking the person to repeat what they said.

Most people who start to experience hearing loss in one ear may ask the person to move closer to their better ear to understand better what they are saying. 

You Get Distracted by Background Noises 

Your hearing problems can make simple tasks like listening to the TV, radio, or phone more difficult

It seems like you are constantly turning up the volume on your device to drown out the background noise. Distracting noises can be filtered out to a certain threshold for people with healthy hearing. However, we lose this ability as we lose our sense of hearing. 

You Find Phone Calls Difficult and Exhausting

You may find it challenging to keep up your end of the conversation when you are speaking to someone over the phone.

Sounds transmitted through a phone differ slightly from ordinary human speech. While healthy ears may still distinguish this sound, it may be a big problem for people with hearing problems.

You Have a Constant Ringing in the Ears 

Although it can also happen in cases other than hearing loss, you may experience a constant ringing noise in your ears. This is called tinnitus, and it often precludes or accompanies hearing impairments.

Other than ringing, tinnitus can also sound like humming, a dull roar, rhythmic thumping, or a strange hiss.

You’re More Sensitive to Certain Sounds 

Although it is rare, some people with hearing loss experience hyperacusis or hypersensitivity to certain sounds. This happens as the brain overcompensates for the loss of hearing.

For some people, even the sound of people chewing their gum can start to irritate them. 

Your Friends and Family Are Getting Concerned 

If you do not notice the subtle signs of hearing loss, your friends and family will. People who care about you may start to notice your hearing difficulties and ask you if you are experiencing problems.


Most people are not aware of the early signs of hearing loss because it is a silent disability. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, it is highly recommended to get a hearing test.

If not treated, hearing loss can lead to problems with communication, depression, and loneliness. It can also lead to permanent damage to nerve cells in the inner ear and brain.

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