Signs That Something Is Wrong with Your Hearing Aids

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Disability, in whatever form, can alter anyone’s life. Thankfully, medical advances have made it possible for people to revert to their lifestyles. One of these miracles is the hearing aid. 

If you have hearing aids, you will probably sing its praises because it allows you to hear again and communicate effectively. However, wearing a hearing aid can mean having some drawbacks. Some might be signs of defects, while others may signify that you need to have a look at your device.

Before you go running to the nearest hearing clinic, you might want to check your hearing aid. The following are a few things to watch out for to ensure that they are working correctly:

Low Volume 

Your hearing ability depends entirely on your hearing aids, so they must be in working order. One of the ways you can tell if your hearing aid is not functioning is by the volume of your hearing aid.

There is a simple way to check this. Just go to a quiet area, put on your hearing aid, and activate the microphone. If you cannot hear yourself clearly, there is a problem with either your receiver’s amplifier or the mic.     

Another sign the hearing aid is malfunctioning is if it cannot accurately transmit sound to your ear. If it sounds distorted or not loud enough, the device may have problems.  

No Sound Coming from My Hearing Aids

If your hearing aid is not emitting any sounds, make sure that your device is on. If your hearing aid is on, check if you can adjust the volume. If not, you will need to check if the battery is working. 

Most hearing aids use rechargeable batteries. You can check if your rechargeable hearing aid batteries are depleted by putting your device to your ear. If there is no sound coming out of your hearing aid, recharge your batteries.

Also, If the battery is working, the problem may be because the sound is not being transmitted. 

If your hearing aid has a fault, you might need to opt for another device. It is better to have a fully functioning hearing aid than a device that works only partially.

Earwax Buildup

If you notice a buildup of earwax on the receiver of your hearing aid, clean the receiver. First, remove your hearing aid and find a decalcifier designed for hearing aids. You can use a small amount of water to clean the battery that is on the receiver gently.

If there is no way to remove the wax buildup, you might need to bring your device to a hearing clinic to have it cleaned professionally. 


Hearing aids are an excellent investment because they can change your life. While they are beautiful devices, they can also fail if they are not being taken care of properly. If you are unsure if your hearing aid is working correctly, bring it to a hearing clinic or a professional who can help you.

If there is still something wrong with your hearing aids, you should take them to Fraser Valley Beltone, a reputable hearing clinic. We will help fix any problem or replace your hearing aids, so do not hesitate to visit any of our locations!

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