4 Signs You May Be Suffering from Hearing Loss

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Our sense of hearing is precious to us, as it allows us to listen to music, the television, the voices of our loved ones, and even oncoming dangers. It’s an essential part of how we perceive the world, but we lose it more and more as we age.

Hearing loss is a fairly common condition, but it often goes unnoticed. According to a 2019 report in Health Reports, over half of all Canadians aged 40 to 79 have mild hearing loss in the high-frequency range. However, the vast majority of them remain unaware of the impairment.

It can be hard to detect impairments in hearing because of its gradual decline. However, there are some warning signs to look out for that point to hearing loss. Here are some of them:

Sign #1: Conversations Are Becoming Difficult to Follow

When you experience hearing loss, you may begin to get irritated because people always seem like they’re mumbling or talking too softly. It can be challenging to follow conversations or understand what the other person is saying, and you frequently have to ask them to repeat themselves.

Reading lips, facial expressions, and other nonverbal cues can help you understand what other people are saying, but this can be more difficult now that people are wearing masks or talking over video conferences. Talking in noisy places can also be challenging because it will be harder to focus on a specific voice.

Sign #2: Higher Frequencies Sound Muffled

People with hearing loss caused by age and loud noises often experience difficulty hearing higher frequencies first. Deep voices and sounds may sound just fine, but higher pitches may be harder to hear.

If higher-pitched sounds like children’s voices or high notes in songs sound muffled to you, it may be a sign that you need hearing aids.

Sign #3: People Are Complaining about the Volume

When you watch TV or listen to music, do other people complain that your volume is too loud? Often, people with hearing loss do not notice that they need higher and higher volumes as their ears become less sensitive. The sounds may be acceptable to them, but they can be too loud for others.

Sign #4:  You’re Experiencing Tinnitus

Tinnitus entails hearing sounds that do not originate from your surroundings. It may present itself in the form of high-pitched ringing, rumbling, buzzing, or grinding. This condition often signals other ear problems, so it’s best to get your ears checked in a hearing clinic.

Get a Hearing Test in Langley, BC 

Many cases of hearing loss go undiagnosed, which can impair many aspects of a person’s life without them noticing it. Knowing which signs to look out for is crucial in the early detection and treatment of this condition. For this reason, it’s best to keep the aforementioned signs in mind and watch out for any symptoms you may experience.

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