Obvious and Not-So-Obvious Signs You Need a Hearing Aid

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Hearing loss happens to people for various reasons and at any age. It can be caused by exposure to loud noise, medications, head injuries, tumours, congenital disabilities, and more. Therefore, we must be aware of the signs of hearing loss so that we can get treatment as soon as possible, such as being fitted for hearing aids. Here are some obvious and not-so-obvious indicators:

  • Commonly responding with “What?” or similar terms in a conversation.
  • Complaints that your TV, radio, or speaker volume is too loud.
  • Difficulty hearing distinct sounds and conversations in a noisy environment.
  • Difficulty understanding conversations during movies or TV shows.
  • Difficulty distinguishing people’s voices when you can’t see their faces.
  • Difficulty hearing conversations in group settings.
  • Pretending to understand by offering vague expressions or taking cues from other people’s reactions.
  • Regularly asking someone to repeat what they said.
  • Remarking or complaining that people speak too softly.

A person with this type of hearing loss may find it difficult to understand high-pitched sounds, such as consonants. But, they may still be able to hear low- and mid-pitched sounds, like vowels, relatively well.

The Causes of Hearing Loss

The most common reason we suffer hearing loss is aging. As we get older, we tend to lose some of our hearing. Additionally, exposure to loud noises can also cause hearing loss. The louder and more frequent the noise, the more likely it is to cause hearing loss.

Some other natural causes of hearing loss could be a tumour, too much earwax, abnormal bone growth, or infection. In some cases, some treatments can help fix the problem. For example, if the hearing loss is from a buildup of earwax, cleaning the ears might help improve hearing.

The Best Solution: Hearing Aids

If you struggle with any of the signs mentioned above, it would be beneficial to seek treatment options such as hearing aids from a registered hearing instrument practitioner. People with hearing loss often use coping strategies, such as only talking to people face-to-face, to get by. However, these strategies don’t address the underlying issues causing hearing loss. When that happens, consult a hearing clinic to identify the cause of hearing loss.

While hearing aids can help make sounds louder and easier to hear, they will not restore your hearing. Other environmental sounds may also be amplified when wearing hearing aids, so it is important to be aware before using them.

Some patients are reluctant to use hearing aids because they think they are old-fashioned and bulky. Contrary to popular belief, hearing aid technology has come a long way, with today’s options being much smaller and less visible than hearing aids in the past. You can wear them inside the ear canal or over the ear. There are also types that you can connect to your smartphone and program from the device! Consider getting a pair of these helpful tools today.


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