We donated a turkey dinner for a family in need!

JD Farms has the best turkey!

The Fraser Valley Beltone & JD Farms Turkey Dinner Contest

If you want the best turkey dinner, head over to JD Farms!

Turkey dinner is a Christmas tradition, but unfortunately, not everyone can afford this luxury. In partnership with JD Farms Specialty Turkey, we’ve donated a full Christmas dinner to a local family in need.

I’m thrilled to announce that our Beltone Turkey Dinner contest was a massive success! We received over 100 nominations, and a ton of support from people in our community. I was so touched to get such a huge response from so many caring individuals. 

Kevin was all smiles that day!

I met our lucky winner, Kevin, at JD Farms. He got to pick out a full dinner, with all the fixings! He would not stop smiling, the entire time! It was great to meet him, and he was very appreciative. At Fraser Valley Beltone, we want to be responsible and generous members of our community and this was such a fun way to give back. We look forward to doing this again!


Thanks again to JD Farms Specialty Turkey for making all of this possible! 

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