Vitamins for Preventing Hearing Loss & Restoring Your Ears to Mint Condition – What to Know

Glass of fresh fruit juice
Fruits and glass of fresh juice

Determining that you have hearing loss is difficult because the condition is both intangible and invisible. Nevertheless, preventing that from happening is crucial if you still want to perform like a normal human being. The question is, how can loss of hearing be prevented? 

There’s a myriad of answers to that question, beginning with ageing, poor diet, work-related injury, excessive noise exposure, viral diseases, ototoxic drugs, and many more. In this article, we will give more focus on the aspect that can be influenced by control, and that is diet. 

Experts believe that there are specific vitamins that a person must take to combat hearing loss. You’ll be surprised to learn that these foods are the foods that our mothers insisted we should finish when we were little. If we only listened, the hearing loss we are suffering right now could have been prevented. Nevertheless, it’s not too late to try. 

Here are the vitamins that you must consume to avoid hearing loss and restore the ears’ natural physiological condition.  

1. Vitamin D, plus Omega 3 Fats

These vitamins will keep your sense of hearing healthy. They also have positive effects on loss of hearing. According to different studies, adults who eat fish, such as sardines, tuna, or salmon two times a week have a 42 percent lower chance of losing their hearing. That’s because Omega 3 gives strength to the blood vessels. 

2. Folic Acid and Antioxidants 

Bowl of spinach
Spinach is rich in antioxidants

If you can manage to regularly take in antioxidants, such as spinach, eggs, broccoli, or nuts, which also happen to all come as folic acids, you will reduce your risk of hearing loss by 20 percent. Antioxidants remove free radicals that contribute to the degeneration of the nerve tissues that are inside your ears.


3. Magnesium

This vitamin is abundant in bananas, broccoli, and potatoes. Eating five pieces of banana will keep your ears healthy and robust. However, it does not make your ears immune to the damages caused by loud volumes. That is why it is better to keep things in moderation.

4. Zinc 

Pieces of dark chocolate
Who knew dark chocolate can have a positive impact on your hearing?

If you are already suffering from hearing loss, zinc might do wonders. Hearing loss that comes with ageing can be prevented with the daily intake of zinc. Zinc is abundant in oysters and dark chocolate. What it does is to promote the cell growth that repairs damages or wounds. It is very effective in treating tinnitus.


5. Glutathione and Vitamins C and E

These vitamins strengthen the body’s immune system, helping it become less susceptible to free radicals that cause damage. Glutathione, specifically, is known to reduce the damages caused by loud noise and vibration.


The vitamins above are proven by science to help reduce the risk of hearing loss, as well as recovery from the condition. The best part about it is that they are abundant in foods that you can buy anywhere, anytime. What’s more, is that not only will your sense of hearing be fortified, your body will also enjoy the holistic benefits brought by these vitamins. 

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