How to Wear Headphones Correctly for Optimum Comfort and Function


Wearing your headphones is a great way to immerse yourself in your favourite music and movies. However, if you don’t wear them properly, you may find yourself uncomfortable or have to readjust them constantly.

With that in mind, you should always make sure to wear your headphones, earphones, or earbuds properly. If you are hesitant about whether you are doing it correctly, just keep reading our guide below.

1. Check for ‘L’ and ‘R’

You probably already know what these letters mean, but in case you don’t, they indicate which side belongs to which. L stands for left, and R stands for right, which should be a good indicator. If you feel like the earphones, headphones, or earbuds are not fitting in properly or keep falling out, you want to check if they are worn in the right direction.

It should also be a good indicator of whether you are wearing them upside down or not. The letters should be upright when you wear these devices, and if they aren’t, then you are probably wearing them upside down.

2. Remove Accessories and Glasses

If you are wearing accessories like a lot of earrings, it would be safer to remove them. While not necessary, if you keep them on your ears, there is a higher chance of them getting caught in your device. Removing them is the safer bet as it ensures that you won’t get hurt.

For glasses-wearers, it would be better if you remove them first, place the device in comfortably, and place your glasses back on. If you wear headphones, be sure to place the glasses hanging on your ear and not trapped in between your headphones and ear.

3. Tuck Your Hair

If you have long hair, you may want to tuck them behind your ears. The last thing you want is your headphones getting caught in your hair and pulling out some strands. Instead, make sure your hair is safely out of the way before wearing your device.

4. Wear Headphones Overhead

Some people would wear their headphones down towards the front and then slide them back to sit on their heads. However, this places the headphones at high risk of damage because of the sliding action and friction against the hair. It could also damage the hairstyle that you could have worked so hard on!

Instead, grab the headphones and open them up just a bit then place them over your head. Make sure that the pads are over your ears comfortably and adjust accordingly.

5. Play Around With Your Earphones and Earbuds

If your earphones feel like they do not fit in comfortably, try to twist them around. Make sure that they are in the right ears and try to get them to sit right. DO NOT force them into your ear holes as this may end up hurting your ears.

6. Switch the Rubber Ear Tips

Some earbuds or earphones may come with rubber ear tips. Usually, when you purchase them, they come up with some extra ones that are of different sizes. If you feel like they aren’t fitting, try to change the ear tips to a different size.


You need to wear your listening device properly to make sure that you enjoy them. Be it headphones, earbuds or earphones—there are ways to ensure they fit. Aside from just discomfort, you can also harm yourself by wearing them improperly.

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