Why Two Hearing Aids is Better Than One

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Hearing loss in and of itself is a challenge. However, leaving it untreated will result in an even bigger problem. Thanks to modern medical technology and new treatment methods, however, solving hearing loss and other related problems is now possible with a hearing aid. If you’re currently experiencing hearing loss and are considering a hearing aid, it can be difficult to know where to start. Chances are that you have questions as to how the entire thing works. Out of all the different questions one might have about hearing aids, here’s one that is asked a lot more often than most people might expect: Are two hearing aids better than one?” 

A simple, yet effective answer

The answer to this perennial question in the simplest form is that it depends. That said, if you have hearing loss in both ears, then two hearing aids are most definitely better than one. The human auditory system comprises of two ears, hearing nerves, and the brain. All these parts work together to carry out normal functions such as understanding perceived sound, decoding speech, and filtering out background noise. It’s crucial to understand that your auditory system is not going to work as well as it should if one ear is out of the equation. It’s always most beneficial for both sides to be working. 

Do you still think two hearing aids are unnecessary? Think about it this way: If both of your eyes have a problem and you address it by only correcting one side with glasses, your sight won’t return to normal. Both eyes depend on each other for proper function—it’s the same for your ears.

So why are two hearing aids better than one? 

Many people who suffer from hearing loss worry about the total cost of two hearing aids. However, the cost of being able to hear as normally as possible trumps any concerns that you might have over your wallet. Here are a few reasons people with hearing loss in both ears should opt for two hearing aids (also known as binaural hearing aids) instead of just one: 

1. You’ll be able to cut out the risk of auditory deprivation

Just like how leg muscles weaken when someone isn’t able to walk, auditory nerves and centres in the brain related to hearing decline when they are deprived of sound. Over time, they become less effective at carrying out regular functions. When auditory deprivation takes place, certain sounds can become inaudible and incomprehensible even when they shouldn’t be. With two hearing aids, your auditory nerves and hearing centres will be constantly given the stimuli they need to maintain optimal performance levels. 

2. The sound quality that you’ll be getting with your hearing will be much better

Thanks to recent developments in hearing aid technology, the overall sound quality that you can get with two hearing aids can be superior to when both ears were in perfect shape! Often, hearing at normal levels can prove to be difficult because the sound isn’t clear, especially when there’s competing background noise. Two hearing aids can help filter out the background noise and ensure crystal clear hearing.

3. Two hearing aids won’t require you to set the amplification as high

Also known as the concept of binaural summation, your ability to perceive sounds with both ears is far greater than what you could achieve with only one. With two hearing aids, you’ll be able to hear and understand speech better with enhanced discrimination of frequencies at any noise level. As a result, you won’t have to set the amplification as high as you normally would with a single hearing aid.

Don’t let hearing loss turn your life upside down. If both your ears have been on the decline, visit an audiology clinic and invest in two hearing aids. Binaural hearing aids will ensure that you don’t suffer from auditory deprivation. In fact, you may be able to hear better than ever before!

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