3 Practical Ways to Look After Your Hearing Health: A Guide

Woman wearing headphones startled by loud noise, takes them off to look after your hearing health

Hearing compliments from loved ones and other beautiful sounds is uplifting, but sadly, it may come to an end if you don’t look after your ears. As Statistics Canada finds, there are 4.6 million people that experience some form of hearing loss, affecting their quality of life. This trend is due to various uncontrollable factors, like ageing and chronic diseases. However, take note that there are also things within your control, such as noise exposure and ear care. To ensure you can look after your hearing health and tell others about this important issue, consider the following practical tips and put them into practice:


1. Control your noise exposure daily

You are bombarded with different kinds of sounds on a daily basis. Some of them may be vital, but several are just hindrances that should be avoided. For instance, let’s say you are invited to a party by one of your closest friends. It happens to be a loud, disco-themed gathering, forcing guests to be exposed to loud music. While it may not hurt to dance around for a few minutes, it can irritate your ears and even result in temporary hearing loss. To address this, it would be best to always be mindful about noise exposure and take soundless breaks in between.

Another positive habit to cultivate is to learn to enjoy silent moments during your day, like before sleeping or while travelling in the countryside. Since you may come from a highly urbanized, technologically driven community, it is a given that the hustle and bustle can get to you, affecting your well-being and distracting you from things that matter. So, learn to appreciate quiet moments through productive activities, like power napping and meditating. This way, you can better manage what you hear and find necessary breaks to rest your ears.


2. Wash your ears the right way

Cleaning ears with cotton swabs is prohibited
Using a cotton swab to clean your ears can have serious consequences on your eardrum health.

Q-tips may be the first thing that comes to mind when ear cleaning is talked about, especially among young parents raising their children. In actuality, these tools should never come into contact with ears because inserting them can injure the ear canal and eardrum. Furthermore, removing the ear wax from the inside is not recommended since this process is the natural way the body protects itself from germs, preventing hearing loss and other medical complications.

To wash your ears properly, use a damp cloth and wipe the outer surfaces and back. Just let the earwax accumulate and never pick them out by inserting your finger and other Q-tips. Most importantly, if you need professional cleaning and further advice on your ear health, consult with the nearest audiologist right away.


3. Go to your local hearing clinic for further examinations

Contrary to popular belief, there are plenty of reasons to visit a hearing clinic apart from getting hearing aids. It can be about getting a hearing test and consulting further with an audiologist to prevent gradual deafness. It can also be about assessing your medical history and family’s health records to see if you are at greater risk of any ear-related diseases. Whatever the issue, it wouldn’t hurt to get your checkup to look after your health.


Conclusion: It’s important to look after your hearing health

Being one of the five senses, preserving your hearing is essential to keeping your body healthy enjoying life to the fullest. While it can be challenging to do so, there are simple, practical ways to follow, such as those listed above. Just ensure you seek professional help from trained ear specialists like us to address any preexisting conditions and detect any unknown issues.

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