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Free Hearing Assessments

A Registered Hearing Instrument Practitioner will give you an accurate and no-cost diagnosis. An in-office hearing test takes less than an hour and provides you with a documented status of your hearing loss… read more

Note: Certain types of hearing assessments may may be subject to a fee (DVA, WCB, NIHS, pilot and driver’s license applications, in-home appointments, certain insurance-required tests and industrial hearing tests for example).

Hearing Aid Fitting & Servicing

An experienced and knowledgeable Hearing Instrument Practitioner will listen to your concerns and discuss your options so that you will be able to find the hearing solution that best suits your hearing needs, lifestyle and budget.

Your hearing aid will be custom fit and programmed for you, and you will receive follow up care to ensure you have the very best possible experience with your hearing aid… read more

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The aftercare program that sets us apart

Once you purchase Beltone hearing aids, we service them for as long as you own them. With over 1500 offices to serve you, you can walk into any participating Beltone and be welcomed with open arms. BelCare covers you and your hearing in twelve special ways.

Click here to learn how BelCare makes hearing solutions from Beltone an even better investment.

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