5 Different Injuries That Can Lead to Hearing Loss

Man on phone after getting into a car accident

Our sense of hearing can alert us to what’s happening around us. Through our auditory system, we can communicate with our loved ones and hear what they have to say to us. However, we often won’t appreciate our hearing until we lose it. Because of this, you must always ensure your safety wherever you go, and it won’t hurt to add some special protection for your ears.

Did you know that you can lose your sense of hearing when you’re involved in an accident? Not everyone recognizes the possibility of hearing loss until they start to feel the symptoms. In this article, we will enumerate the types of injuries that can lead to hearing loss:


Traumatic noise

The human ear can tolerate sounds up to 80 decibels only, and anything more than that is considered bad for the eardrum. This is the main reason we are told to keep our volume low when using our earphones. Exposure to traumatic noise is one of the primary causes of hearing loss. To be exact, 110 decibels are already too loud and can destroy the eardrums in less than two minutes. Meanwhile, sirens and firecrackers can measure up to 120 decibels that can pain the ears and cause immediate injury.


Head trauma

Remember that the brain is responsible for controlling many of our bodily functions, including the sense of speech and hearing. If the head is badly affected in an accident, you may experience tinnitus or balance problems, which is a sure sign of hearing issues. Head injury traumas can then cause hearing impairment or total hearing loss.



A car accident can cause your car to spin around, with the possibility of hurting your head badly. Whiplash is a form of head trauma, where the head is whipped back and forth during an accident. Like head trauma, whiplash can cause problems in hearing and balance, which are both associated with the ears. This is why serious hearing problems can come from violent head shaking.



The worst thing we can get during wintertime is frostbite. The common target of frostbite is our skin since it is our outer layer that protects us from extreme temperatures. Being exposed in winter can leave your skin wounded due to frostbite. What the general public may not know is that it can also cause temporary or permanent hearing loss. The cold will start on the outer ear and creep onto the inner ear that will cause damage to the auditory system.


Perforated eardrums

Although we were advised to clean our ears, experts also warn about doing it more frequently. The cotton swabs can clog the ear canal with more ear wax and lead to infection and more severe ear problems. It is more advisable to clean only the outer part of the ear and not the deepest part of the ear canal, or you may risk hurting your eardrums.



Have you been in any type of accident recently? People who have been involved in accidents often complain of various pains, depending on the gravity and impact of the accident. If you have experienced any of the injuries mentioned above, you must visit your doctor immediately to examine for internal injuries that could lead to severe outcomes.

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