What You Should Know About Hearing Aid Adjustments

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When you first get hearing aids, it can take up to four months to adjust to them. There will be small, noticeable changes at the start, but you will still need to be patient. This is because hearing aid adjustments need to be made several times during the first few months of use.

Don’t be afraid to call your hearing professional for help if you feel like your hearing aids just aren’t working correctly. Things like discomfort, feedback, and background noise are things you should report to your hearing professional.

You’ve already taken the first step as you have a hearing aid, but you should go further and do your best to make yourself comfortable with them. Here are some tips on everything you should know about hearing aid adjustments.


What You Should Know About Hearing Aid Adjustments



The first step towards adjusting is to accept that you have permanent hearing loss. If you don’t do this, you will never be able to fully adjust to your hearing aids. So learn to accept your hearing loss and start your journey towards better hearing.


Staying Positive

Another good tip on how to adjust to hearing aids is to remember that you have to stay positive. Your whole attitude towards having hearing aids must be one that is open to learning. You must be determined to learn how to best use your hearing aids.


Educating Yourself

If you really want to adjust to your hearing aids, educating yourself is a must. Learn about your hearing aids. You can look them up online or join groups of others who use hearing aids and know about their experiences. Make sure to read up on what shops are reliable and trustworthy. Try searching online to find reviews. The more knowledge you have, the faster you’ll adapt.


Having Realistic Expectations

Remember that your hearing aids can’t help you hear perfectly. It will take some time to adjust, and you must be willing to push through difficulties as you slowly adjust to your hearing aids.

There is also auditory confusion to consider. If you’ve already started to use hearing aids, then you already know that at first, your brain doesn’t know what to make of the signals it’s receiving from your hearing aid. It will take some time for your brain to re-acclimate to high-frequency sounds and noises.

Getting your brain used to real sound, after a long time of scrambled signals due to your hearing loss, will be difficult. Just be patient as your brain will slowly adjust over time.


Patience and Practice

Practicing and using your hearing aids will slowly help you adjust. This is especially true if you keep calm and remain patient. Once you’ve spent enough time acclimating, you will be able to hear without thinking about it as much.

If you need some guidance, try creating a schedule in which you wear your hearing aids part-time at first. Then slowly increase the hours until you’re using them all day.



Being able to use hearing aids will truly be a difference-maker. So don’t give up if, at first, things are too loud or confusing. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help if you feel overwhelmed, and don’t forget you can always try again.

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