How Much Do Hearing Aids Cost?

hearing aids cost
How much do hearing aids cost?

“How much do hearing aids cost?”

This is a question that is asked frequently, and it’s a fair question.  I like to think how I’d feel if I were the one in need of help with my hearing. The truth is, they can sometimes cost a lot of money.  Prices can vary from $2000 to $6000 a pair. People are often confused about what to do and why hearing aids can cost so much.  However, if the hearing aid isn’t working the way it’s supposed to, it’s a useless piece of plastic and metal, no matter what it costs.  The only way to ensure you are getting the best results possible is through thorough servicing and follow-up. At Fraser Valley Beltone, we deliver on this promise every day.

Hearing aids can be viewed as a commodity that solves all your problems because of the technology, or they can be viewed as one part of the treatment for your hearing loss.  Technology is very important, and Beltone is a leader when it comes to technology.  Our award-winning 2.4 Ghz technology allows Beltone hearing aids to perform like no other.  However, at Fraser Valley Beltone, we view hearing aids as only part of the solution to your hearing problems. I’ve met many folks that have purchased their ‘state of the art’ hearing aids online because they were such a bargain, but then have nobody to turn to when the problems start — and they most certainly will!  This shows that hearing aids, no matter how ‘high-tech’, are only a part of the solution to your hearing difficulty. Service is of paramount importance to ensure you get the results you want!

Fraser Valley Beltone includes Belcare service on all the hearing aids purchased with us.  This means that we perform a series of initial and unlimited follow-up visits to ensure you are adapting well to your new hearing aids.  After that, it’s very important to have check-ups/cleanings every three months, so this is also included.  We also highly recommend annual hearing re-assessments to ensure nothing has changed. If we discover that your hearing has changed, your hearing aids can be readjusted and your prescription changed to fit your latest ability to hear.  All of this service is very important and is complimentary as long as you own your Beltones!

Even though hearing aids can be costly initially, they can be well worth it if they improve your life the way we know they can.  We will work with you to bring your life back into ideal clarity. When you trust Fraser Valley Beltone for your hearing care needs, you are in the best of hands. Beltone has been helping people hear better since 1940, and the Beltone name is the most trusted name in hearing care.

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