How to Prepare Kids With Hearing Loss for New School Year

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Is it time for another school year for your child? If your child has a hearing loss, you may be concerned about how your child is going to start with a new school or adjust with a hearing aid. The key is to make ample preparation for your child to ensure a smooth transition. Here are some things to keep in mind.

1. Check the hearing aid

Check your child’s hearing aid or cochlear implants before the school year starts to make sure that it is working properly. Teach your child some basic hearing aid maintenance so they can take care of any adjustments needed.

2. Talk to school staff

The school is your partner in ensuring that your child is provided with a good learning environment. Before the school year begins, discuss with the school staff about the situation of your child. This will give them enough time to gather the necessary tools or train their staff to attend to your child’s needs when needed. Also, consider showing to the teacher how your child’s hearing aid works, so they can provide help in making adjustments if needed.

Also, discuss the possibility of your child not wearing the device due to embarrassment or fear of being teased or bullied. The school staff should be able to step in when such problems arise.

3. Pack the essential hearing aid stuff in the school bag

Aside from the school supplies that a child needs, you should also pack some essentials in their school bag. These include extra batteries for the hearing aid, adhesives that will keep the hearing aid in place during activities, a labelled case for all hearing supplies, and a cheat sheet for the teacher or classroom aid containing some basic information about hearing tools.

4. Talk to your child

If your child just got their hearing aid, they may have difficulty with the transition and may refuse to wear it in school. Talk to your child ahead of the school year commencement about the importance of wearing the hearing device. Encourage and motivate them not to lose confidence, and to participate in activities that they want to like what other normal kids would do.

Your child must live a normal life even with a hearing device installed. Providing them with the support they need from you and from their teachers is of utmost importance.

To wrap it up

Having to wear a hearing aid at school can be a scary thing for your child. They may struggle to feel comfortable and to fit in, which is why providing them support is important to help with the transition.

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