A patient drove 8 hours and stayed a week just because she loves our service!

Scott Hyde of Fraser Valley Beltone

Scott Hyde here. I just wanted to share a really neat story that happened a couple of weeks ago. I have a patient of mine that I’ve known for five or six years, her name is Joanne. We fitted her with some hearing aids five or six years ago, and it was really great, and she was really happy with them. But, a couple years later, she moved away to Nelson.


I received a phone call from her not long ago, she had started to have some problems with the hearing aids. They were five or six years old, so it was time to look at some new ones, and she didn’t feel great with the local place that she had gone to. It just wasn’t the same as the service that we had offered for her. So, she phones me, and she says that she wants to come down all the way from Nelson to get some new hearing aids from us, at Fraser Valley Beltone.

I was thrilled, I was really surprised, and so she did. She drove, what is it, about eight hours, and came down, and we tested her hearing, took impressions for new, custom, in the ear hearing aids. Normally they take two weeks to get in, we put a rush on it, and we got her fit within a couple of days. Then, she stayed a few days so that we could do proper follow up, make sure that she was happy with them, and she just left on Monday.

I just wanted to share that story. I was just really, really thrilled and humbled by the fact that she wanted to come back and see us.

So, that’s the level of service that we offer here at Fraser Valley Beltone, and come and see us, you’ll fine the same thing.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy your day, we’ll talk to you again soon.

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