Loud and Clear: Why You May Need to Start Using Hearing Aids

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Have you experienced hearing words spoken aloud but not understanding what exactly was said? Do you often find yourself saying, “Come again?” “What,” or “Sorry?” during casual conversations?  You might be experiencing hearing loss without realizing it. Hearing loss is no longer just an issue among older adults but can also affect younger people.

In most cases, people experiencing mild hearing loss won’t bother visiting a hearing aid clinic and continue with their regular lives, taking the slight challenge as just another challenge they have to face on their own. There are several reasons for this hesitance to ask for help. For some, consulting with a hearing specialist can be a significant expense. Others feel uncomfortable at the thought of wearing hearing aids in public.

Whatever reason you may have, not doing anything to address your hearing problems can be detrimental to your health and bring other problems in your daily life. Read on as we dig deeper into this important matter and learn why you need to consult your local audiologist as soon as possible.


Unconscious Denial of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is not an overnight process. It happens so gradually that you may be completely unaware that you are already experiencing it. Your brain makes up for your gradual loss of hearing, which is why you likely won’t notice the signs until it becomes severe. And if you begin noticing signs here and there, you may find it difficult to admit that you are already experiencing it.

It’s important for your healing process to overcome the stage of denial. Accepting your current condition can be very difficult, but it is doable, especially if you have the right treatment and adequate support. Easier said than done, you may say. But after this phase, the process gets better for you as you start to take steps to mitigate your hearing loss.

Another important thing you need to realize is that getting treated after discovering your hearing loss is crucial, as you may develop other serious ailments related. If you choose to ignore your hearing loss, it may increase your chances of developing dementia, you may find yourself withdrawing from your social circles, which then leads to depression and physical inactivity.


Coping With Hearing Loss

Gradual hearing loss is detrimental because it initially impacts higher frequencies of sound. For example, a good number of older adults who are experiencing hearing loss are not entirely deaf. They can still hear many sounds, just at significantly reduced levels. However, they may have difficulty recognizing some consonant sounds that differentiate similar-sounding words.

When this happens, those affected may find themselves asking people they converse with to repeat themselves several times. And in their defence, they would make excuses like loud background noises or that the speaker isn’t enunciating correctly.

These instances and excuses make it harder for people to confront their hearing problems and consult their doctor. Studies suggest that a person experiencing a gradual hearing loss can take up to seven years before noticing their impairment, while others ignore the symptoms completely.

The truth is that hearing loss is nothing to fear or to be ashamed of. It’s easy and convenient enough to make an appointment with a local hearing clinic and talk through potential treatment plans with a specialist so you can maintain your hearing ability for years to come.



Hearing loss is not a minor impairment to put off as it can lead to more issues that one can develop over time. Consult your local audiologist immediately and take the necessary steps to aid your hearing impairment for your health and well-being.

Take comfort in knowing that you are not alone in experiencing hearing impairment. The good news is that there is a hearing clinic you can run to. Fraser Valley Beltone is a refuge for people like you. We are the top hearing aid clinic in Langley and Abbotsford. Our assessment process takes less than an hour, and our team is committed to finding the perfect plan for your unique lifestyle. Get in touch with us today!

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